What are parents saying?

"As the Argentine-American father of my amazing, loving little boy, the sight of him on a soccer field kicking his mini soccer ball produces the ultimate fantasy for any “futbol” loving dad – My Son Will be a Football Star. STS has given him the environment and enthusiasm to do that and reminds us to do the same; kick the ball forward and run after it as you smile and laugh.  Thank you for that." - Lucas G (2018)

"My son absolutely adores coach Ivan. When we played soccer in California he was not a fan. But thankfully now he enjoys soccer again.  Good job picking the right people for the job!" - Samantha B (2018)

"Coach Jamie makes soccer so much fun.  Every week, I wait excitedly to hear what has happened with the silly soccer-playing chicken, and my daughter cannot wait to tell me.  When we play at home, she holds her own with her sister instead of getting frustrated. Thanks, Story Time Soccer!" - Kara R (2018)

"Hello my name is Nicole. My son Xavier plays soccer at his preschool. Xavier loves playing soccer with Story Time Soccer! He asks on a daily basis if it is soccer day. Since playing soccer he has gained a passion for the sport. I am amazed at the stories he has to tell us about his day with coach. Xavier has learned listening skills as well as self confidence.  He tells you "I am small but I can do it!" Story Time Soccer encourages the children to do their best and never give up! So many sport leagues focus on competition and Story Time Soccer focuses on the child. I love that! I am pleased to have my child in such an amazing sports team. Thank you!" - Nicole S (2018)

"Izzy LOVES her soccer class! Every Thursday she looks forward to her afternoon fun and knows its soccer day when we get ready for school. She loves to tell me the stories of what she learned that day and show me her card. The weekly emails with photos are great! Thank you!" Colleen Z (2018

"I must say that Story time Soccer has been a great financial decision to make within my budget. I originally signed up on a promotional offer and then cancelled due to budgeting reasons. One Wednesday I picked him up and my son sadly approached me saying "Mommy I couldn't go to soccer" that's when I knew it was worth me paying for. Now every time I pick him up from school he's excited to give me his story time Soccer card for participation. I love that I receive progress reports to let me know how my child is doing in the curriculum. I'm glad I decided to place him back in. He looks forward to his soccer Wednesday! Thank you all for what your doing .. - Anna D (2017)

"My son loves Story time soccer, he looks forward to it every week. Story time soccer is a great way of having children learn while having fun & exercise. It teaches interaction with others and listening skills. He will miss Story time soccer when he goes to school in August" - Rachel M (2017)

"My son Landon counts down the days until Monday when he gets his soccer class.  He gets so excited and raves about soccer to his classmates that other kids have signed up because of how happy it makes him.  He constantly refers to how much he loves being around coach and what the story was and shows us all his new tricks. We couldn't be happier with the program!!." - Michelle V (2017)

"Our daughter is an only child and with that comes spoiled and sometimes selfish behavior. She is only 3.5 so maybe expected? With STS she has learned respect, teamwork, focus and dedication. She is always excited for Friday's and cannot wait to "play" with Coach Ivan! Way to go STS!" - Crystal D (2017)

"My son, Alex loves his soccer.  His older brother plays soccer as well, so its a family thing. Some days it is the only thing that get him up in the morning.  My son loves to be outside running and learning to play soccer with his friends. We really appreciate the coach and the positive energy you give to these little guys!  Thank you for everything you do each week." - Kelley W (2017)

"Soccer is the highlight of the school week for my 4 y.o., Nico N.  On soccer rocker day, he insists on wearing a costume, and whether he comes as a  fire fighter or the blue power ranger, your wonderful coach Ivan creates a story that captures his imagination and stays with him for days.  I sat in on class a few days ago and took the attached picture.  Ivan does a wonderful job, making the kids laugh and learn and running them so well that their teachers bless him at naptime!" - Cristina M (2017)

"My son enjoys STS very much, as evident in all the pictures!  He has gained confidence in handling the soccer ball and his report cards demonstrate his improved skills.  My favorite was when Coach Jacob described our son as “An incredible young man”.  That brought a tear to my eye." - Teresa I. C. (2017)

"Joshua has been in this class since he was 3 and he loves it! He knows Thursdays is soccer day and goes straight to his socks drawer to get his "soccer socks" and trainers. He comes home after school and tells us and shows us what he learned that day. It has given him a sense of dedication and commitment. He seems better coordinated and loves to kick the ball and practice on weekend. Thank you for giving him this special love to sports." - Monica M (2016)

"Story Time soccer has made Jake more confident. He is very shy and is also the youngest in his class. He was able to establish a stronger rapport with his classmates during soccer. The coaches made him feel special and important! We are going to miss SSS next year!" - Kristi B (2016)

""Today's soccer day?" is the question I get asked every morning when Jacob is getting ready for school. He gets ready very fast on the days I say yes. I love that he gets the opportunity to participate in a sport that he enjoys at such a young age." - Kathleen I (2016)

"Our family recently moved to Florida, and my son has had to adjust to a new school, new friends, new everything. Story Time Soccer has really helped the transition. He looks forward to "soccer day" all week, and he proudly wears his soccer shirt to school. He loves it!" - Moira D (2016)

"Our son Sebastián loves Story Time Soccer! He looks forward to it every week and shows us what he's learnt. We think it improves his discipline and self-esteem, as well as keeping him active. Thank you for a great program!" - Carlos C (2016)

"Storytime Soccer has quickly become a highlight in my son's week! Every Monday morning he takes out his soccer shirt with a big smile and asks if Coach will be at his school that afternoon...it is so rewarding to see how excited he gets just thinking about Storytime Soccer!" - Kimberly R (2016)

"Thanks to you and soccer our Aiden is one outgoing little man. He's excited to play soccer and his confidence has grown so much. You are a great coach and we can see the life skills Aiden is gaining from being part of story time soccer like sharing, discipline and learning to play with others. Aiden always says he has fun at soccer. We are absolutely thrilled to have Aiden participate and can't thank you enough for all you do! It's a great program." - Petrina S (2016)

"We've had our son in small soccer programs since he was 18 months. When he turned 3 we signed him up for the local league. It did not go well. There were 100s of kids and parents around, my son was completely overwhelmed and refused to participate. He wanted nothing to do with soccer for months. Then we discovered Story Time Soccer at his school and he was hooked. As with most toddlers getting him out of the house and off to school is a struggle but not on "soccer days"! On "soccer day" he gets ready for school and hops into the car as fast as he can. We are usually extremely early on "soccer day" and joke every day should be soccer day. I got to school early last week and was able to watch the end of his story time soccer. I have to say it's pretty amazing when a coach can get a group of 3 yr olds to ALL participate and to all do so with huge smiles on their faces." Rebecca P (2015)

“STS has been wonderful for my four-year-old twins in many ways. It has provided an understanding of the basics of soccer, as well as laying the groundwork for the importance of sportsmanship. The program also has encouraged teamwork and exercise, both essential life skills we teach at home.” - Lesley K (2015)

"Coach Jamie and his staff inspire and energize this pint sized group! Ryker is 5 years old and had never played organized sports. He loves the challenge and has transferred that team spirit to his home life. Thank you for a fun filled year!" Lisa S (2015)

"STS has made a wonderful impression on my child. It has peaked her interest in the game of soccer and looks forward to Monday’s because she knows she has soccer. When I pick her up she tells me all about the story." Michelle B (2015)

"(Zach)...really enjoys your story time soccer program. Every week he is so excited on Wednesdays for soccer and when I pick him up he loves to show me his card he received after attending soccer, like he has accomplished something. I really enjoy this program as well because I work full-time and this allows Zach to participate in soccer." Kelly B (2015)

"Our son has a speech and language delay, which sometimes makes it difficult for him to be understood by his peers. However, the amazing coaches at Story Time Soccer have helped our son feel just like everyone else both on and off the soccer field. He has learned about teamwork and sportsmanship, and most importantly, had so much fun doing so! He looks forward to soccer each week and really enjoys all of his experiences with his friends and coaches!"  ~ Seth and Stephanie B (2015)

"STS has been so great for our little guy. He has so much fun while learning soccer skills as well as social skills. STS is definitely one of our favorite activities and Bobby looks forward to it each week!" ~ Anne L (2015)

"We are AMAZED how much Elton has learned! He does some amazing tricks with the ball and our favorite is the one when he slowly moves his foot over and around the ball without touching it!  Elton wishes it was Friday every day so he could play soccer with STS." ~ Jaana C (2015)

"Convenient and meaningful. Story Time Soccer is a fantastic way for our son to channel all that energy. He learns while playing too, particularly sharing, which is beneficial for his younger sister." Shawn M (2015)

"I think your program is great!! It's a wonderful way to get young children involved in sports and keep it interesting for them with the stories. My son and I love your program!!" Allyson D (2015)

"Jake is a shy & sensitive child! STS has brought him out of his shell and made him more confident in himself. It also has sparked his interest in sports in general! Jake loves STS!" Kristi B (2015)

"We wanted to thank you so much for Story Time Soccer and the wonderful coaches. Our son Jonathan has truly enjoyed his weekly soccer time. Every Wednesday he wants to be at school early so he can wait for coach. I believe this experience has peaked his interest and he's already told me he wants to play "Big Boy" soccer now.  Thank you and God Bless you all!"  Debbie H (2015)

"Sports are such a great tool for learning and that's what Story Time is for us. It has started to familiarize our son with teamwork, leadership and but most of all how to live a healthy life style. I am so glad we found Story Time." ~ Angela S (2015)

"Being a three year old, you don't know how much impact the class is having on Holden until you get him outside with a ball and see how much joy it brings him.  And Holden loves Mondays now because of STS!"  ~ Carissa S (2015)

"Since my Son, Aarav, has started attending Story time Soccer, he has bought soccer balls of different colors & sizes. Some of his skills like throw & catch, kick, dive & catch has developed like magic. He surprises me with a lot of technical soccer terms like goal, passing the ball. And with this he is developing spirit of team work also." Romy R (2015)

"Every day is a good day for Jonathan at school! However, Wednesday’s are extra, extra special, because it’s SOCCER DAY! At first Jonathan always asked, “Is today soccer day?” Now he has learned when Wednesday’s are, and he tells us that “today is soccer day!” No trouble getting him ready on soccer day. He is ready way ahead and can’t wait to go. Its become his favorite day of the week. All because of soccer. Thanks so much for providing this great activity." ~ Jerry "Poppy" W (2015)

“Joshua really looks forward to soccer practice every week. Coming from England it's awesome to see his love for the game that I grew up with increasing each time he plays. Seeing how he's developed his skills in the short time he has been playing fills me with tremendous pride.”  ~ Richard M (2015)

"Story time soccer has helped Jaydin to have a love for soccer and if has also helped to boost his self esteem greatly. Jaydin is always so excited to play on Thursdays and he deeply enjoys the stories. I hope you guys will do story time soccer again next year."  ~ Andrea A (2015)