Teaching Philosophy


"How do you teach a child to ride a bicycle? First, the child must be prepared and motivated to ride the bike. Second, the child is set up with all the necessary precautions: safety gear and training wheels. After the child is comfortable and confident, the next step is to take the training wheels off. Now that the training wheels are off, one will run alongside the child next to the bike. Finally, after the child is confident and ready to ride on their own, one will run alongside the child and let go of the bike without the child's knowledge. The child most likely will fall. One must then pick up the child, clean off their wounds, and encourage them to try again. Now one must start over and run alongside the child, but once again he/she will let go without the child's knowledge." ~ Jamie Leavitt

Teaching young children is much like the metaphor above. Our program is designed to teach the child soccer through this style of one-on-one teaching. The Coach starts off by engaging the kids with simple ice breakers.  Then the Coach tells them a story or the lesson of the day.  Then each child will be given their own soccer ball as they go through the class participating in all of the skills the Coach has modeled.

Types of Classes

There are two unique classes that parents can expect.  The main class is one where the Coach will tell a story and engage the group by modeling the skills as the kids follow along.  The coach will walk around and correct the kids both verbally and physically until the child has gotten the skill right or made an attempt at it.  The skill difficulty level increases as the child's skill level increases.  This way a child who is less advanced will still receive as much attention as one that is more advanced.

The second class is one usually with a group of two year old kids.  A lot of us forget that we were all taught how to hold a pencil, and our first attempt at drawing a picture resulted in a doodling work of art.  This is the same concept behind teaching two year olds.  They may not have the listening/following directions skills down but can they doodle.  In these sessions, the Coach work on specific skills and a ton of one-on-ones.  There usually isn't a story or a lesson just a lot of running, kicking, jumping, and zig-zaging.  This class is very high energy and very individual to the child's skill level.