Add Soccer as an Enrichment Program!


Story Time Soccer is a fun, educational, age-appropriate, skill and fitness program for 2-8 year olds taught at your preschool or aftercare. We send in certified and trained coaches to come into your school and teach your students at the facility there. We use either the playground area or a medium sized classroom to hold our sessions. Our program includes 5 core values to go with our curriculum based teaching method. Parents are highly encouraged to participate with their child. Whether it be watching or interacting in the session or by engaging with their child as we send them a weekly e-newsletter that includes the story and skills we teach. Each student is also given a feedback form at the beginning of each new month so that parents can track their progress in learning the skills we teach. We value being positive role models and being able to impact these children and parents!

Story Time Soccer is located in Palm Beach, Broward, and Tampa Bay! Learn and see how this company is impacting so many children and schools!!

How do we use stories to teach soccer?

During our classes, participants are led through an Interactive story to capture their attention and focus. They act out a variety of story scenarios that replicate soccer drills and make them fun! Our certified coach demonstrates all the soccer techniques, so that the children can see the skill, comprehend it, learn it, practice it and replicate it.

Why do we use stories?

Children at this age do not enjoy traditional sports drills and are not psychologically ready to understand the reasons for them. So every week we go on an adventure with Harry the Chicken! On these adventures, Harry will bring his soccer ball with him. For example, Harry will swim in the ocean, go camping, take care of a new pet, and even drive a race car! All throughout these stories we incorporate soccer skills. Our kids have so much fun and can't wait for SOCCER DAY!! Meanwhile the Coaches are able to teach them the fundamentals of soccer! Lets get kicking!

What do we offer schools?

Our main program is held throughout the year on a month-by-month basis. Parents sign up their child with the program and choose to stay in it as long as they wish. Our staff recruits, promotes, facilities, and handles all the payment transactions so that we are not a burden or a hassle to our schools. We value teachers so we offer the Director's child free tution and any other staff member's child will receive half off on the program.

***There is no cost to the school with our main program.***

We also offer our schools group rates for aftercare programs, special occasions, summer/winter camps, or just a fun day of soccer!  These are done on a one time basis or scheduled for a selective period of time.

Whatever you're school is looking for, we are happy to meet those needs and bring the joy of soccer to your students and families!!!!

Positive Role Models

Most preschools are employed by women teachers. Males are few and far between in these atmospheres. We find that by providing schools with a male Coach, the kids are valued with a different perspective and react in a positive way. Our coaches will leave a positive impact that is lasting in the lives of the kids.

What do we do if we want to sign our school up for soccer?

We would love to come out to your school and meet you in person. Our goal is to find out your needs and do our best to meet all of them. Call us for a personally delivered packet or even a free demonstration of our program!!

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