Champions League: (12-15)

This is our oldest group and most skilled players. This is where individual skills are focused on heavily. The games are intense and players are given more strategies in formation and tactics. We hope to get them ready for a travel soccer league or their High School team.

Premier League: (9-11)

This is our second oldest division. This league is very similar to the Champions League. Practices are heavy on individual skill development and introducing them into more advanced skills. Games are an introduction to team play, formations, and basic tactics.

Junior League: (7-8)

This division takes our Mini League Players to the next level.  All the rules are introduced and enforced by a referee.  Their practices are very similar to the older two divisions.  Coaches are still on the field but not directly involved.

Mini League: (4-6)

This is the league for the beginners. It is the first time for them to be put in a traditional soccer game. Their practices will be individual skill development, games, and learning sports structure. Games are high energy and tons of motivation. They are lightly structured and teams are run by an involved coach and/or referee. 

Story Time Soccer: (3-4)

This is the foundation on where we have built our league! Story Time Soccer is a fun, story based introduction to developing soccer skills and techniques! It is a very active and engaging class that gets them comfortable on the field in a sometimes new environment.  This is the program before they play traditional soccer. It is a huge confidence builder and a VERY FUN! All our kids want to do when they go home is to play soccer!

**We will take a 2 year old if parents insist and will be actively involved with the child during the session.