Child Benefits & F.A.Q.


Child Benefits

Our instructors teach soccer through stories so children can:

Learn a variety of soccer techniques
Develop motor functions
Improve social skills
Build self-esteem
Normalize healthy habits (weekly exercise)
Develop space awareness
Captivate their imagination
Have lots of fun!


How do we use stories to teach soccer?

During our classes, participants are led through an Interactive story to capture their attention and focus. They act out a variety of story scenarios that replicate soccer drills and make them fun! Our certified coach demonstrates all the soccer techniques, so that the children can see the skill, comprehend it, learn it, practice it and replicate it.

Why do we use stories?

Children at this age do not enjoy traditional sports drills and are not psychologically ready to understand the reasons for them. So every week we go on an adventure with Harry the Chicken! On these adventures, Harry will bring his soccer ball with him. For example, Harry will swim in the ocean, go camping, take care of a new pet, and even drive a race car! All throughout these stories we incorporate soccer skills. Our kids have so much fun and can't wait for SOCCER DAY!! Meanwhile the Coaches are able to teach them the fundamentals of soccer! Lets get kicking!

What is our goal?

Our fundamental goal is to leave a positive & lasting impact on the lives we touch and give kids the opportunity to do something new that will benefit them in the future!

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